Association of Canadian Disability Benefit Professionals

Our Purpose


Disability benefit providers assist their clients in navigating through the challenging process of obtaining the Canadian governments disability tax credit.


Members of the organization assist clients in registering for the disability tax credit, registered disability savings plan and other disability tax benefits.


The ACDBP believes that all disabled individuals should have fair consideration for and accessibility to the disability tax credit.


The ACDBP looks to partner with other affiliate organizations and not for profits that have displayed the desire to aid disabled individuals.


Mission Statement

The Association will strive to ensure barrier free access to benefits for Canadians living with disabilities. Members of the Association will represent their clients in an ethical, sensitive and fully transparent manner.

ACDBP Code of Conduct

Association members commit to conducting their business in a spirit of transparency and honesty that will respect and honour our commitment to helping Canadians with disabilities in a way that will reflect well on the industry.

1. Association member's contingency fees may not exceed 30% of any DTC related refunds, benefits or credits.


2. Association members cannot charge any upfront fees.


3. Association members can only charge for retroactive refunds, benefits or credits not beyond the end of the year for which the refund will be received.


4. Association members shall repay in full any fees in a situation where their client's refund has been reversed as the result of an error by an association member company and the client is required to pay back the CRA.

1. Association members must not use aggressive sales tactics (ie. telemarketing or cold calling) as a marketing technique (this does not include using Canada Post and Direct Mailing).  A client (or their representative) must make initial contact with an association member from an advertisement.


2. Association members may never infer that this CAN NOT be done independently by the taxpayer.


3. Association members must abide by the competition laws of their province, provincial consumer protection legislation and the federal Competition Act.


4. Association members must abide by Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

1. Association members may not have a doctor on staff or as an outside consultant that regularly certifies the T2201 form for their clients.

1. Association members are required to use clear, easy to understand language in their contracts to ensure that clients are aware of and understand their rights and obligations. Contracts must disclose all fees, costs and interest rates in a clear and prominent manner.


2. Association members must commit to taking all possible steps to ensure their clients' information is protected.


3. Association members must have an official privacy policy.


4. Association members must allow their clients a one week "cooling off" period in which to cancel their agreement.


5. Association member companies must register their ACDBP contact with a piece of photo identification.


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