Association of Canadian Disability Benefit Professionals

Helping disabled Canadians get the disability benefits they’re entitled to.

The Association of Canadian Disability Benefit Professionals (ACDBP) consists of 14 organizations across the country that are committed to improving the livelihood of Canada’s disabled community.

Our Association’s primary function is to promote & advance the accessibility of the disability tax credit for Canadians living with disabilities. From programs like the Canada Revenue Agency’s Disability Tax Credit (DTC), to the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), there are a wealth of resources Canadian families can access.

However, the majority of people who qualify for these disability benefits are either unaware of their existence, or are unsure how to claim the money they’re entitled to.

Utilizing the resources, connections, and knowledge from all 14 organizations, The ACDBP is dedicated to helping the approximately 500,000 eligible Canadians who should be receiving the Disability Tax Credit, but are not.