About the Association of Canadian Disability Benefit Professionals

The Association of Canadian Disability Benefit Professionals (ACDBP) is comprised of 14 member companies, and is a self-regulated organization with a public code of conduct.

Built by industry leaders from across Canada, the Association strives to ensure barrier-free access to benefits for Canadians living with disabilities. We believe that all disabled Canadians are entitled to professional representation, as per Section 15 of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

To date, there are roughly 500,000 Canadians who should be receiving the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), but are not. The Disability Tax Credit, along with the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) and the Child Disability Benefit (CDB), are just a few examples of the programs we hope to generate awareness about.

Unclaimed disabled tax credits and disability benefits are not just the result of a lack of information. Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency can be confusing, overwhelming or frustrating for Canadians living with disabilities. This is why companies in the ACDBP fight passionately every day on their behalf.

Twenty-five per cent of our industry’s clients are individuals who applied elsewhere or on their own, were unfairly declined and require assistance with appeals. ACDBP member companies hold a 66% success rate with previously declined Disability Tax Credit cases.

The ACDBP is here to help Canadians with disabilities find the support they need. To date, members of our Association have successfully assisted over 50,000 Canadians receive their Disability Tax Credit retroactive money through successful DTC applications and appeals.