A Disability Tax Credit Case Study: Reversing a Rejection into a Successful Claim

It’s common for potential clients to have second thoughts about the Disability Tax Credit process, as it can be stressful, time-consuming, and intimidating. That’s why we weren’t surprised when it took a Manitoban mother of a 6-year-old boy with physical deformities, almost three months to re-contact us after a preliminary discussion.

Upon her re-established contact with us, we educated her on the specifics of the DTC, acquired the paperwork from the family doctor, and filed the tax form on her behalf at the Winnipeg Tax Centre. But, the CRA rejected our client and she broke off contact with us.

The National Benefit Authority fully empathizes with how bumpy the DTC process can be, which is why we refused to give up on our client’s case—even when they do. After following up a month later, our client was willing to hear us out as we explained how we could still help by appealing her rejection or refiling a new tax form. There’s no downside to the objection process with the NBA – there are no additional costs to the client, and no extra work required by the doctor. Similar to the paperwork and research we prepare for each individual DTC claim, we do the heavy lifting when it comes to appeals and objections.

She decided to go ahead and file an appeal with us, and the Appeals department came to the conclusion that the initial tax form sufficiently matched the DTC criteria, and that there was no need to re-file.

After we sent an objection to the CRA, and a letter to her MP, her DTC form was approved!

This case lasted 404 days spanning from July 2016-August 2017, and included 100 entries into our communications log, along with 33 phone calls and 9 e-mails. The client was able to collect an estimated $4,000!

We follow through on each DTC case we’ve submitted, even if the claim is rejected. When our clients give up on the process, our Benefits Specialists understand the DTC process, and specialize in Disability Tax Credit reassessments and appeals.

If you’ve had a DTC claim rejected, and aren’t sure what the next steps you should take are, contact the National Benefit Authority today – we’ve helped over 40,000 Canadians successfully receive their Canadian disability benefits!