A Disability Tax Credit Case Study: The 2,400 Day Application Process

The DTC application process is rigorous and leaves no room for error, making it difficult to receive the full Disability Tax Credit refund you deserve.

It’s common for clients to try the application process on their own before contacting the National Benefit Authority for help, like the case of this 51-year-old woman from Winnipeg suffering from fibromyalgia and depression.

When we sent our client a DTC application package, we didn’t hear back from her for over seven months! She did decide to connect with us again, as she needed assistance with completing her application forms. Since our client has an insufficient tax payable, we added her mother to the case as a sponsor, and immediately sent a sponsor package to her.

But once again, our client left us in the wind. We didn’t hear back from her over a four-month period. Worried about our client, a DTC specialist reached out and left her a message. Two days later, we received a call from our client informing us that she decided to apply for the DTC on her own.

Looking out for our client’s best interest, we continued helping her case even when she said she didn’t need us. We contacted the CRA, and they confirmed that her claim was denied.

Concerned, we called our client. She told us her doctor filled out another DTC application and won’t be needing our services!

Surprisingly, our client called us for assistance after receiving a delay letter from CRA. We quickly contacted the CRA to see why her application was delayed. The CRA said they sent a clarification letter to her doctor. Immediately, we told our client about the letter, and she responded by saying she would talk to her doctor.

After meeting with her doctor, our client contacts us confused about the application process. One of our representatives walks her through the application process. Our client says she will call her doctor one last time before letting us know if she needs further help.

Like clockwork, we didn’t hear back from her for over a month. Our DTC specialist sent her multiple phone messages, but she didn’t return any of them. One day, she left a voicemail asking us to help her win an appeal.

Immediately, our Appeals department thoroughly reviewed her case and concluded her DTC application looked good, but she needed a copy of the clarification letter from her doctor. Once the letter was sent, our team completed the objection and mailed it to the CRA appeals division.

The CRA confirmed the receipt of the objection and sent it to an assigned CRA appeals representative who approved our client’s disability tax credit.

This case lasted 2405 days, including 81 entries into our communications log, along with 46 phone calls and dozens of e-mails. The client was able to collect an estimated $3,400! We’d like to note, however, that the woman in this case never did add her mum on as a sponsor, which we hoped to help her with. Even after over 2000 days working with this family, we continue to work with the client, to now maximize her case and recover more benefits for her and her family.

We are passionate about helping Canadians with disabilities, and will fight to help them get the benefits they deserve. We won’t rush your application, and will walk you through each step of the application process for as long as it takes. We carefully follow through on each DTC case we’ve submitted, paying close attention to detail, and making sure the application process goes smoothly for our clients.

Even if a client’s claim is denied, our Benefits Specialists understand the DTC process and specialize in Disability Tax Credit reassessments and appeals.

If you’ve had a DTC claim denied, and aren’t sure what the next steps you should contact the National Benefit Authority today – we’ve helped over 40,000 Canadians successfully receive their Canadian disability benefits!